The Philosophy of Children: It Takes a Village

Parents and caregivers face significant challenges raising up the next generation of kids. The pressures of school, peers, and social media have never been greater, and neither has the opportunity to impact a child’s life. More than ever, children need support from the wider community to become productive members of society. Our children need guidance and mentoring from everyone in their village – not just their parents.
The Philosophy of Children: It Takes a Village aims to give parents, caregivers, and anyone who encounters children the ideas and tools to contribute to our next generation. It will also give you the spirit to become an active member of your village: your community of family and friends as well as your church and neighborhood networks, and beyond. Children need rules and expectations that everyone reinforces in their lives – not just teachers and parents.
In many cases, parents and caregivers need to modify their behavior in raising children. Too many children are raised with too few rules.
This book will help you:

  • Learn how to be a positive influence on children in your community using role-modeling
  • Develop new strategies for parenting and caregiving
  • Understand how to support teachers and parents in your community
  • Understand the difference between building a child’s self-esteem and catering to a child’s every whim
  • Be a part of a local or global village that raises the next generation of children thoughtfully
    Raise your child to be a true star: someone who respects themselves and others

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